Natural Baby Clothes Are a Must

by admin on February 15, 2010

The only thing that should come between a parent’s touch and their baby’s skin is natural baby clothes. Studies have shown that children are particularly vulnerable to the toxins, which are found throughout the fibers of many fabrics, not just the synthetic ones.

Parents may not normally consider clothing to be a chemical danger but considering that from field to factory most fabrics, even fibers occurring in nature, will be exposed to toxins; the choice of safe fabric for clothing is important.

In the United States, for example, 25% of all pesticides are used on cotton crops. These pesticides get more concentrated yearly to combat resistant crop pests. After the cotton is harvested, that does not end the chemical exposure. To make the fibers suitable for spinning and weaving, more chemicals are added, then a type of formaldehyde is used to prevent shrinkage. Petrol dyes are used to color the fabric, then to ensure it is softer, non-flammable, unwrinkled, stain resistant, and moth repelling, additional chemicals are applied. This results in material that is not exactly suitable for swaddling a baby when compared to natural baby clothes.

These chemicals are embedded in the fiber of the fabric and do not rinse away with washing. Fabric is in direct and constant contact with an infant’s skin and the skin is the body’s largest organ. Pound for pound, childrens’ bodies are much more susceptible to toxin absorption than adults. Research indicates that children can have up to seven times the chemical levels of adults in their bodies.

Exposure to chemicals used in fabric growing and processing may be related to exponential increases in environmentally mediated diseases, including birth defects childhood cancers, asthma, allergies, learning disabilities, and neurological and developmental disorders. Over the past 35 years, leukemia and other childhood cancers have increased 20 percent. Breast cancer and infertility have risen as well as increased autism spectrum disorders. The causes of these medical issues may be traced to increased chemical exposure throughout the lifetime. A simple solution is as easy as choosing organic baby products as a level of insurance against toxic exposure to environmental chemicals.

Natural baby clothes from day one eliminates the potential risks associated with long term chemical exposure and give the parents peace of mind that their child is shielded from potential toxins.

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