Natural Baby Toys – Environmentally and Health Conscious

by admin on February 11, 2010

After the June 2009 Mattel toy lead paint scandal, we are all much more paranoid about the safety of baby toys. It is impossible for a parent to test every material and visit every manufacturer to figure out if the toys they are giving their children are actually safe and will not pose any health hazards because of the composition of the materials being used in the toys. This is why many parents are falling back to the safety of natural baby toys.

Natural toys are usually made with very simple materials following the principle of green chemistry, which is not only healthy for the environment and workers, but for people using the products as well. It feels safer after all to know that your child is using something that is as close to its natural form as possible and wasn’t made with the use of harsh, unnatural chemicals. Babies will teethe on toys as well, so knowing that a toy does not have harsh ingredients and follows strict health and environmental standards is a good feeling.

Having a baby does not mean that your old feelings about sustainability and protecting the environment have to be thrown out the window. It actually is just a slight challenge made easier by modern convenience. Organic, environmentally safe baby toys use less processing and create less waste during the manufacturing process. They are also more easily broken down over time and you will not have to feel responsible for buying something that will not break down for hundreds of years.

If you would like to instill good values on your children for the future, remember that starting as young as possible is the best way to introduce them to your ideas. If your children learn that they were raised with natural baby toys, they will see that their parents practice what they teach. They will also have the possibility of telling friends once they get older about the importance of sustainability and being responsible stewards of the Earth.

Though many natural baby toys will not be quite as exciting as competitors’ electronic, bright, plastic, talking, moving, robotic toys, natural toys encourage a strong imagination. Your child’s brain can grow and think more effectively this way as the mind will always have to be engaged.

Green toys are safe and far superior in many aspects to their well-advertised competitors. They will give you a piece of mind that is difficult to have as a young parents. Knowing your child is safe and that you are keeping the Earth safe is a great reward.

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