Organic Baby Blanket – Can You Afford to Not Have One?

by admin on February 1, 2010


You may have heard the statistic that the average person spends 30% of their life sleeping. When you first let this sink in it’s a startling statistic and also a great selling point for Tempurpedic beds, =). Whereas that might be a large number for adults, babies have a more shocking statistic. The average baby will spend the first year or two of their lives sleeping almost 70% of the time. The most important items you can research for your child are those that will surround them most frequently which is often their bedding.

Many people are comfortable purchasing a traditional 100% cotton blanket for their baby and move on. The truth behind cotton is that it is mostly treated with very harsh chemicals after being grown naturally. Often a horrific chemical, formaldehyde is used to prevent wrinkles from forming and there aren’t provisions limiting the amount of the chemicals that should be used. As a result, you’ll see the babies react to these chemicals in the form of a rash, irritation and even possibly respiratory problems. The only way to be sure that you are providing the best environment for your child is to use an organic baby blanket.

Organic baby blankets are typically made from 100% organically-grown cotton. By nature organic cotton is free of chemicals, dyes, preservatives, pesticides and insecticides. An organic baby blanket is known to be naturally hypoallergenic which is a crucial factor when shopping for any baby products let alone one that touches skin often.

One shouldn’t stop shopping at the blankets however, as it’s important to certify that everything in the crib is safe which is why organic baby bedding sets are the best route to go.  Often comforters are filled with organic wool for a natural warm but breathable insulator.  Another great feature of wool is that is serves as a natural flame retardant to keep your baby safe without chemicals.  Another material, bamboo fibers are found in many organic cloths that comprise the various aspects of bedding including mattresses, bumpers and sheets.

We will go into more detail about these aspects of organic baby bedding in future articles but in the meantime the best place to start is with an organic baby blanket.

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