Organic Baby Gifts – The Big Picture

by admin on February 13, 2010

There is little doubt that our environment is bombarded with toxic chemicals that have a harmful effect on our health. We may not yet know the extent of the possible threat, but we know that little bodies are especially vulnerable to these environmental toxins. This has led to rapid growth in the sales of organic baby gifts.

Recent scares involving lead paint on toys and chemicals in plastics leaching into foods have raised serious concerns about many of the products our babies come in contact with. Unbreakable bottles that used to be deemed safe expose babies to hazardous BPA. Clothing, linens and even crib mattresses can expose children to a number of different toxins, chemicals and allergens. Baby furniture is often finished with paints or sealers with harmful ingredients. Most diapers are full of chlorine and other irritating chemicals.

When setting up a nursery, you must consider everything that will surround your baby. Chemicals and toxins in paint and carpet, furniture and linens, clothing and diapers, toys and bottles can all add up to unhealthy levels of exposure for a baby. Think of everything that your baby will touch, breathe or consume. Organic baby gifts help to reduce the toxic overload and create a healthy environment that can make a difference for your baby.

You know that whatever a baby can get her hands on will go right in her mouth. Toys, teethers, blankets, and clothing don’t just need to be clean, they need to be pristine. Organic baby gifts provide that extra level of assurance that precious little ones won’t be unnecessarily exposed to risk. offers a wide selection of natural and organic baby products that you will feel secure using, or proud to give to friends.

Our wide selection of organic bath products will soothe baby’s sensitive skin. Our clothing is made from natural and eco-friendly fibers that look and feel great. Our organic toys and teethers are safe for your baby, even when they end up in his mouth! We sell PVC and BPA-free bottles and food trays to ensure healthy feeding. We even have an extensive collection of organic and natural products to pamper Mommy too! Browse our collection to discover all the safe and natural alternatives available.

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