Organic Baby Toys – Safe is Still Fun!

by admin on February 3, 2010

After the scary recalls on the toys made in China, many people began to explore safe alternatives for their babies and children. I know many of my friends began to question, “Do I know what my children’s toys are REALLY made out of?” and most importantly, “How can I make sure that I don’t put my baby at risk?”. One surefire way to avoid any of these toys with dangerous chemicals is to only purchase organic baby toys.


Unlike any other toys out there on the market today, those  that are truly organic can ensure that they:

  • Are not treated with any pesticides, herbicides or insecticides
  • Are chemical free
  • Will not irritate your baby’s skin
  • Are made from 100% organic products including: corn, cotton, wool and more.

Organic baby toys can be found that are almost identical to their regular counterparts.  There are plush toys in all shapes and sizes including: bearsm frogs, monkeys, ducks, bunnies and much more.  They may include a squeaker component to them as well that babies just love!  Often they are made with a natural filling such as corn and are painted with vegetable inks.

Furthermore, there are many organic baby rattles and organic baby teethers.  As your baby’s most often used toys choosing an organic one is a very wise decision.  Although the teethers aren’t all made out of cotton they are typically assured to be BPA, PVC, phthalate and nitrosamine free which is the highest standard available today.

With the growing influx of organic products, it’s not an option to choose these; it is an absolute necessity.  They aren’t much more expensive than other products and there are a decent selection out there.  If you’re just getting ready for your baby fill up your registry with organic baby toys and if you’re just looking for their next favorite toy, why not make it organic?

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